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Free Rein's Digital Outcomes Success

Free Rein's Digital Outcomes Success

Free Rein is successful in its Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework submission

Following hot on the heels of Free Rein’s success in two Lots (8 products) in the G-Cloud 7 framework allocations, we have now received confirmation that all our submissions on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists have been accepted.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework is the new and improved Digital Services.

The services offered on the new framework fall into four categories:

  • Digital Outcomes: Suppliers who can provide solutions such as teams to build and support a digital service.
  • Digital Specialists: Providing specialised individuals to deliver a specific outcome, whether that is on a service, programme or project.
  • User Research Studios: Providing space and access to facilities to carry out research whether that is interviews or focus groups.
  • User Research Participants: Suppliers who can provide access to user research participants. 

Free Rein were successfully accepted onto the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework for all three of the lots that we submitted and we are set to feature on the framework in the next coming weeks.

Free Rein can supply Digital Outcomes, Specialists and User Research Participants for a vast array of digital projects.

Benefits of being on Digital Outcomes and Specialists

According to the Digital Marketplace Blog, buying and selling through Digital Outcomes and Specialists will:

  • Reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with procurement
  • Allow buyers and suppliers to talk to each other so they can decide whether there is a good fit
  • Give more suppliers the opportunity to support digital transformation across the whole of the public sector.

If you are in the public sector, taking advantage of the Frameworks is easy. Just register on the Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud 7 is already open and Digital Outcomes and Specialists will be ready to place orders in mid April.

If you are not in the public sector we are certain that our inclusion should give you confidence, particularly in the companies meeting the stringent security standards.

Contact Free Rein

Tony Addison
+44 (0)1473 810002

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Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is a Government online platform where any public sector organisation can buy cloud services, digital build or specialists time. Currently, three procurement frameworks are combined to make the marketplace and the one-stop-shop makes it easy for you to find people and technology for digital projects in the public sector.

The frameworks are agreements between the government and suppliers and the basic terms are already agreed so using the Government platform can save you the time and cost associated with individual procurement contracts.

Free Rein feature on both the G-Cloud procurement framework, which offers cloud technology solutions and now, the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework, which can help you find specialists for digital projects such as designers, developers or user researchers.


Free Rein have successfully submitted 8 products on the G-Cloud 7 framework. Whether you are looking for a powerful event management system, with a range of features and options such as multi-language or breakout sessions, or a new email broadcast system with high levels of personalisation, Free Rein offers these options to you. 

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Free Rein is a Technology company developing business solutions that help exploit the Internet – from content managed websites and email broadcast, through event management and ecommerce systems to bespoke, real-time, interactive systems.

Clients range from central (BIS, MoJ, Northern Ireland and Welsh Government) and local Government, train and telecoms companies to small local businesses and start-ups.

Free Rein is Cyber Essentials Accredited and on the G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists Government Frameworks.