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Flu vaccine available now! News from The Travel Clinic Ipswich and Cambridge

Flu vaccine available now! News from The Travel Clinic Ipswich and Cambridge

Influenza is a serious illness, caused by a virus. As historical evidence shows, once an outbreak occurs it can quickly become widespread, as people with influenza shed the virus and spread the infection even before they themselves begin to feel ill. 

Each year 10 – 20% of the population can become ill with influenza, resulting in increased sick leave and a marked loss in productivity. Influenza in the work place can reduce morale and productivity as well as compromising safety and efficiency. Each healthy individual who gets the flu is likely to have: 

  • 5 – 6 days restricted activity
  • At least 3 days absence from work or study
  • Additional visits to the doctor
  • 0.4 days absence looking after other people with the flu

A vaccination against influenza is the most effective prevention against catching it – and not passing it on. In our daily lives it is very difficult to avoid risk of exposure to an infection as common as influenza that is spread by airborne droplets. While no vaccination is 100% effective having a flu shot is the best protection available for your employees. Clinical studies have shown that flu vaccines prevent influenza in 70 – 90% of those vaccinated.   

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