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Employers face high staff turnover in 2014, survey suggests

Employers face high staff turnover in 2014, survey suggests

Employers face high staff turnover in 2014, survey suggests

Work/life balance a priority for employees in the New Year

A fifth of employees plan to quit their job this year, according to a survey from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

The study, of 1,001 workers, found that of the staff who are preparing to change job, 16% want to leave because they do not feel valued.

Of this group, the vast majority would like a similar job (40%) or a different post (39%) at a new company, while one in 10 would like to start their own business.  

However, in addition to the fifth of workers planning to leave, a further 31% are unsure about whether they will stay in their current role, suggesting employers face a high staff turnover in the coming months.

Charles Elvin, ILM’s chief executive, said: “The New Year is always a popular time for workers to look ahead and think about how they can progress. Our findings show that UK employees are beginning to reassess the job market and look into a range of new opportunities, from starting a new job to developing a new business.

“The survey illustrates just how crucial it is that workers feel valued in the workplace. As many workers like to make a change at this time of year, it is important that organisations adapt to this phase by offering the chance to learn new skills and opportunities to progress wherever possible.”

The survey also asked employees about their workplace resolutions for the New Year. Most respondents (31%) said improving their work/life balance was a top priority for 2014, this was closely followed by a desire to receive more training or attain a new qualification (28%), to become a better manager (13%), and be more productive at work (11%).

The ILM said that the findings revealed a desire to improve the standards of leadership in organisations, with 19% hoping to improve their own leadership skills this year and 17% hoping for more transparent leadership from their boss.

“The survey reinforces the importance of leadership to workers in the UK, and in particular the desire for greater transparency in the workplace,” Elvin added. “This should be an important consideration for both current managers and those looking to improve their leadership skills.”

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