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Emmaus Ipswich opening soon!

Emmaus Ipswich opening soon!

We have just heard that we have secured the opportunity for our first retail outlet for Ipswich, subject to contract.  We have been working with the East of England Co-op who own the Royal Oak on Felixstowe Road.  We have just been given approval by their board to secure a contract for the property!  We are sorry we have been quiet for a while, but I hope you agree this is news worth waiting for!

The building has fantastic facilities, including a large carpark, a outside courtyard and great disabled access.  We couldn't be more excited.  So please start collecting any household goods that you no longer need, as we aim to be opening the doors as soon as the Contract is agreed.

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Emmaus Ipswich

Is a new and different way of increasing the chances for the homeless and long-term unemployed in Ipswich, a route back into work and a more fulfilling life, using a tried and tested successful national model. Emmaus Ipswich is an independent charity, holding membership of the Federation of Emmaus Communities in the UK.

Emmaus Ipswich provides work opportunities and experience to those who have been homeless and or unemployed for a long time. By offering volunteering roles within our (not for profit) business, enabling them to make a difference for themselves, in a supportive environment through work related training.

Emmaus Social Enterprise Model

Emmaus Ipswich will follow the proven Emmaus Social Enterprise model which has been successfully implemented across the UK, by setting up a charity shop restoring and selling recycled furniture. Companions (our volunteers that are homeless or workless) will be provided with volunteering experience, training, increased skills, knowledge and self-respect.

Independent research by Cambridge University in 2008 showed that with the potential savings to the criminal justice, legal and health systems, an Emmaus Community has the potential to save the taxpayer over £24,000 per resident each year.

We are currently at Phase One of this project and we are seeking “Seed” funding to help get our operations off the ground. Such funding will provide us with the time to develop our model and prove it works, and also act as a catalyst to access grants from other funders. Our ambition is to introduce to Ipswich new ways of tackling entrenched unemployment and homelessness and we have the potential to make a big difference - we hope you share our ambitions.