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Driver Compliance

Don't Risk Company Prosecution. Adhere to Driver Compliance Law.

Did you know it is compulsory for ALL companies to comply with HSE driver obligations to avoid prosecution?

Irrelevant of whether employees drive their own car or a fleet vehicle, company car drivers are 50% more likely to be involved in a road traffic collision* compared with a private driver.

In addition to this ALL serious road traffic collisions are investigated by the HSE and companies can face high fines and even imprisonment if found negligent of Driver Compliance Laws.  One case included a building company in Preston, who was prosecuted by the HSE and fined £130,000 and £52,790 in costs for failing to implement their risk management systems; subsequently the company was declared bankrupt.

How do I ensure my company meets Driver Compliance Laws?

  • You need to align your company with the following:
  • An annual fleet Management Audit
  • The issue of a driver’s handbook to outline your company’s driving policy.
  • Collation and validation of driver’s documentation such as driving licences and insurance certificates
  • Checking all vehicles are ‘fit for purpose’
  • Assessing the risk of each driver and recording Driver Risk Interventions

Can Drive Alive Help?

YES, since 1989 we have been ensuring companies meet their Driver Compliance obligations and offer a cost effective and simple way for companies to do this through our D.A.R.T (Drive Alive Risk Tracker) system, which is accessible via the Cloud.

What does this cost?

For just £2 per person per month you can manage your own Driver Compliance system on D.A.R.T. As an option we can also provide a managed Driver Compliance service and further driver development where required.

Can your company afford not to be compliant?

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*Health and Safety Executive

Article by Drive Alive UK Ltd

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