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Design for Business Festival

Design for Business Festival

The festival aims to promote and elevate the graphic design industry within Ipswich by offering workshops, taster sessions and interactive exhibits to students, industry and business.

The first day will be devoted to students, with the second focusing on industry and business. The workshops will be bookable events, covering such topics as creative writing, digital marketing, printing and social media - subjects that benefit both budding graphic designers and business owners alike. Graphic designers can exhibit for free if they provide a workshop or taster session. The exhibitions do not have to be manned for the duration of the festival. However, we ask that exhibitors provide a workshop or taster session for both days for a minimum of 10 minutes per day.

All the workshops and taster sessions will be advertised via our events page and social media when confirmed. These can also be offered by non-graphic designers, although there will have to be a tangible link to graphic design. If you would like to exhibit or host a workshop, please contact or visit

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