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Dengue Fever update from The Travel Clinic Ltd, Ipswich and Cambridge

In our blog in January, we discussed concerns about increased levels of disease spread after the terrible floods in Australia and Brazil.  Both countries have unfortunately started to report increased levels of illness.

Australia has started a huge mosquito control programme this month after 53 cases of Dengue Fever are diagnosed in Innisfail, Queensland, south of Cairns.  Brazil is also reporting an increase in levels of Dengue Fever in many states.

Australia officials are also concerned about a sharp increase in Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest Virus in South Australia.  By the beginning of Feb this year already, 350 people had been diagnosed with these illnesses, compared to just 16 in the whole of 2010.

These disease are spread by mainly day biting mosquitos.  They are feverish illneses, with rashes, aches and pains and sometimes more serious symptoms.  Complete recovery can take weeks or months.  There is no treatment for them, or vaccine or tablet for prevention.  It is essential that travelers remember to protect themselves by using 40-50% Deet spray on exposed skin and covering up, ideally with clothes treated with EX4 Fabric Spray.  Travellers can use insect room sprays or plug ins to prevent mosquito contact.  Sleeping under a mosquito net  is also essential, particularly for those travelling in malarial regions, for protection from dawn to dusk biting  mosquito’s and other night biting bugs.  All products and plenty of advice is available at The Travel Clinic Ltd.

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