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Demand for membership web consultancy increases, as netXtra focuses PCG’s online communication strategy

Demand for membership web consultancy increases, as netXtra focuses PCG’s online communication strategy

As many organisations begin their new fiscal year, the demand from membership, charity and not-for-profit organisations for netXtra’s independent and specialist online strategy advice, has markedly increased. The latest in a long line of professional organisations to approach netXtra for web consultancy services is freelancers’ membership group PCG; the leading UK professional association supporting, protecting and promoting the interests of consultants, contractors and freelance workers.

After recommendation, PCG approached netXtra as they wanted to fully understand how they could improve their website in terms of the delivery of key goals and objectives. Having organically evolved the site themselves over several years, PCG were particularly keen to get advice from netXtra about further enhancing elements such as their website’s usability, information structure, search facility and online member recruitment facility.

Following a series of on-site workshops and reviews, netXtra provided PCG with a new website strategy for information architecture, user personas and journeys, website wireframes, delivery mechanisms and processes, as well as expert advice on back-office integration. netXtra then produced a full report and documentation for their own designers and developers to use as the foundation for a truly member-focused website.

Regan Burke, Head of I.T. at PCG said, “As a result of the current economic climate, membership organisations like ours are doing all they can to maximise the return from their web presence. netXtra’s membership experience has enabled us to really focus on what our website is there to do; i.e. to  inform, support and deliver to all of our members and other stakeholders.”

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NetXtra is a website development and hosting company that delivers bespoke online solutions that offer real benefits...

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For almost 20 years, NetXtra has built up a vast amount of expertise delivering website solutions for trade associations, unions, professional bodies, membership and not-for-profit organisations, charities and the commercial sector.We understand that just as your business strategy is multi-faceted and yet integrated, similarly your website comprises just one of the many pieces of the jigsaw that join to deliver a successful Internet strategy. Our customers benefit from more effective and engaging online communication channels by taking advantage of our consultancy service and having us take part in their website's initial planning - helping them to devise the correct strategy for their organisation's needs, and then driving their website strategy through to success. Improving member and customer satisfaction and operational efficiency simultaneously are on-going processes that cannot be achieved overnight. This is where NetXtra's proven methodology continually delivers results where so many other solutions fall by the wayside. Furthermore, these processes underpin our ISO:9001 Quality Accreditation and ensure the consistency and efficiency of NetXtra's overall delivery methodology. Ultimately, this approach ensures that your organisation's strategy drives our finished solutions.