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Copleston pupil talks about leaving his comfort zone

Copleston pupil talks about leaving his comfort zone

Since October 2014, Inspire Suffolk has been working with the new National Citizenship Service. The NCS is a way for 15 to 17 year olds, who live in England and Northern Ireland, to make extraordinary friendships, learn more skills including social skills not necessarily taught in schools and gives groups of young people the chance to create unforgettable memories. Pupils from Copleston School in Ipswich have recently completed their National Citizenship Service with the help of Inspire Suffolk and their Head of Sixth Form David Leach. 

David explained: “It was my first experience of our pupils taking part in the NCS; we actually found out about it from the pupils as they came to us all enthused and confidently articulated what they wanted to do in the community and how they were going to be fundraising as part of the programme. We had nine pupils from here plus an ex-pupil taking part. At Copleston we are very big on giving young people the social skills as well as the academic support to deal with their futures. The life experiences the NCS programme gives them will set them up for life, I believe it’s absolutely valuable.  It also helps those who are applying for University to be able to add this as part of their personal statements and it shows they’ve got skills outside of the classroom.”

One of the students who took part is Elliott Woods. We talked to him and his parents to ask of their impressions of the National Citizenship Service delivered by Inspire Suffolk. 

What did Elliott think of NCS? 

* I was not for it at all initially

* I didn’t want to go outside of my comfort zone

* It sounded a bit like too much responsibility

* I made friends as soon as we did all the activities together

* The water obstacle course was my favourite

* I felt quite proud of myself for accomplishing it

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