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Construction students help school to celebrate their 25th anniversary

Construction students help school to celebrate their 25th anniversary

Our Otley campus been helping an Ipswich primary school prepare for a very special celebration this week. Birchwood primary school is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

As part of these celebrations, students from the school council came up with a number of ideas to commemorate their silver jubilee. Everyone at the school voted for their favourite idea and as a result of this, a time capsule will now be created to commemorate this landmark.

To help build a time capsule, Sandra Doman, the eco-schools co-ordinator and school council staff liaison officer, got in touch with Easton and Otley College. As a result of this, students and staff from the construction department (at the college) have been working with the primary school council to help make this project happen.

Sandra said, “I saw the Easton and Otley students at this year’s Suffolk Show and this made me think that I should approach them in the future. So I did. As a school, we like to work with the local community as much as possible and the construction students have done a great job. Once they have finished we will have a ceremony and the capsule will stay where it is for the next 25 years.”

A student from the local council (Lewis), said, “I enjoy being a member of the student council and I’m glad we went for the time capsule idea. We are putting in a school uniform, a newspaper of the day, money, sweets, that kind of thing. It would be great to come back in 25 years when it’s opened.”

(Other anniversary ideas included the making of a film about the school with posters and books explaining what the school is all about).

Programme area leader for construction at Easton and Otley College, Gavin Loose, said, “We were contacted by the school and we jumped at the chance to help them. This year, as a college we have been involved in a number of skills challenge’s with the local community. This experience has been great for us. Our students get to personally develop and get some real life work experience. Next up, our students will be working on a garage project with some locals living in Rendlesham.”

Construction student from the college, Jess Branston said “I’ve enjoyed working on this project. I chose construction because it’s something different. I’m enjoying the course. I’m not sure what the end game for me is. However, it’s a good time to go into the industry.”

Article by Easton and Otley College

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