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ClarkeCare opens for business

ClarkeCare opens for business

Lorraine and Karen have been working extremely hard building the solid foundations of ClarkeCare.

They now have a team of care professionals ready to start working with clients. 

The team of care professionals have been training hard and Lorraine and Karen feel confident that they are meeting all the competency checks required by them to start working with clients. 

It's a really exciting time and we are all looking forward to meeting new clients and helping support them.

Contact 01284-717872 for more details on how to plan for your future care needs.

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ClarkeCare is owned and run by qualified, experienced professionals.

Lorraine and Karen have Health and Social care backgrounds which enrich the delivery and training of our care professionals.
ClarkeCare provides a service to adults from 18+ to older adults 65+ that require care and support.

ClarkeCare will ensure that your assessment is all about you and what's important to you. You will be matched with a care professional that will understand your needs and support you to remain as independent as possible.   

ClarkeCare takes a great deal of pride from knowing that we recruit the right kind of people to deliver care to agreed standards. We look for care professionals who show they have what it takes to be part of the ClarkeCare team.

A thorough recruitment process is required to ensure that we are recruiting people with the ‘ClarkeCare’ values. Once recruited, the care professionals follow a robust training programme to ensure our clients are receiving a service delivered by professionals.

ClarkeCare has specialist teams in Reablement – Home from hospital or recovery from acute illness care and Palliative – Care and support.

ClarkeCare also offer care and support to maintain your independence in your own home.

ClarkeCare offers hour long calls so clients' will not feel rushed and will have time to complete tasks that you feel able to do and also have time for a chat. ClarkeCare service is 24 hours a day, 52 weeks of the year. Waking night sits and sleep ins are also available.