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Cholera outbreaks in Africa & Asia

Countries reporting outbreaks within Africa include Nigeria, with official reports of 120+ people becoming infected with cholera disease and sadly 4 deaths.

Uganda, where frequent flooding is to blame for the outbreaks with 6 deaths and dozens admitted to hospital in Eastern Uganda. Floods destroyed latrine facilities causing contamination to the drinking water. Moroto district of Uganda is reporting the involvement of over 40 villages in a Cholera outbreak where currently 20-25 new cases are being confirmed daily. There are fears that this outbreak could continue to spread even further.

Sudan’s Cholera outbreak has just entered its 3rd week and is showing little signs of slowing down. Several villages have reported cases of Cholera disease and this is set to continue and is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Kenya is reporting the worst outbreak of Cholera disease since the rains began, sadly a fast spreading outbreak has claimed the lives of many people, again floods are to blame for this outbreak.

Within Asia, Papua New Guinea has declared a public health emergency following their recent cholera outbreak with over 250 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.

Vietnam has reported over 100 cases in 5 Northern provinces with 8 provinces in total affected by Cholera disease.

India & Nepal are also reporting cases of Cholera, gastroenteritis & Dysentery infection.

Travellers to countries reporting outbreaks should consider Cholera vaccination. The vaccine comprises of x2 doses of an oral vaccine, in the form of a 150ml drink, with an interval of at least 1 week between doses, ideally completed 7-10 days before travel. Cholera vaccine is suitable for most people and is tolerated well. It also gives short term protection against travellers diarrhoea for 3-4 months, protection from Cholera is 2 years. Receiving the Cholera vaccine does not negate the need for good food and water hygiene.

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