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Chickenpox for Christmas concern in Cambridge

The Cambridge Clinic has begun getting requests for the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine, after non-immune people have been exposed to the virus during a winter outbreak. Chickenpox can incubate for 10-21 days, sparking concern that those exposed now may be unwell over Christmas.

The Varicella vaccine can give protection to chickenpox in people who have not had the illness.

The Chickenpox vaccine may also be given to those exposed to the disease. Vaccination within 3 days may prevent an individual becoming unwell with the illness, and there is some data that suggests vaccination with 5 days of being exposed may lessen the severity of the disease.

Did You Know?

Varicella (or Chickenpox) is highly infectious. It spreads rapidly through households, and is very common with infection of up to 90% of vulnerable individuals who come into contact with the virus*.  Chickenpox is most common during the winter and spring, and in the under 10's though it can develop at any age.  Most children recover well from a bout of Chickenpox - it is not usually a life threatening disease. They may be off school for 7-10 days* and have up to 250-500 itchy red blisters and spots; they recover well and have just a few scars.


in pregnancy there is a fear of severe damage to the developing baby as well as complications with the mother.  Occasionally severe complications such as meningitis and pneumonia occur especially as one gets older. The rate of admissions to hospital for treatment of varicella is 900% higher in adults although 90% of are people affected before adolescence.

Minimise the Risk to You, Your Family and Others:

The Chickenpox vaccine is a course of two vaccines with about 6 weeks between doses

Because of the implications of Chickenpox both parents and children are having the course of two vaccines for long term protection. We are licensed with the Care Quality Commission and have nurses with a wealth of experience in vaccinating small children and adults

* Chickenpox may also have a huge impact financially on working parents taking time off work to care for their children.

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