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Cervical Screening now Available: News from the Travel Clinic Cambridge and Ipswich

Cervical Screening now Available: News from the Travel Clinic Cambridge and Ipswich

These may include:

  • Foreign students and women from countries where smears are taken more frequently than in the UK who wish to maintain the frequency of screening they are used to.
  • Many women, who are unable to attend their surgery or local family planning clinics during normal opening hours, and would appreciate Saturday or evening appointments.
  • Anxious women, who do not yet meet the criteria in England for their first smear but have a lifestyle that might increase their risk.

We can also arrange for screening for particular sexually transmitted infections upon request.  Swabs may also be offered to women considering IUD or IUS fittings or who are symptomatic or who have physical signs upon examination suggesting possible infection.  Should minor ailments such as Candida infection be noted during any procedures, our Independent Nurse Prescribers can discuss over the counter treatments or prescribed medication if indicated.

The cost is £120 for a cervical smear.

Prices for swabs and scfreenings available on request.

HPV vaccines (Cervarix and Gardasil) are also offered at The Travel Clinic Cambridge and Ipswich at a cost of £140 per vaccine.  A course consists of 3 vaccinations.

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Providers of specialist health care when travelling. Vaccines and malaria tablets.

We offer vaccinations to children of all ages, from Chicken Pox vaccines to Hep A/B.

We are available to offer vaccinations and specialst travel advice for the Business Traveller, Back Paker and Holiday maker along with in depth country specific travel profile and risk assesments. All our information is updated daily so that you will receive the latest advice.

We can also arrange blood tests where necessary.

We offer not just travel vaccinations but vaccines for occupational requirements. We can also offer BCG, Shingles and Chicken Pox vaccine, and HPV vaccine.