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CRC looks to the business community for new Governor

Cambridge Regional College is looking to the business community to help fill a vacancy on its governing board.

The college is hoping to attract volunteers with business, professional, or community experience – particularly those who can provide finance and audit support.

Vernice Key, Chair of the Governors, said the college was keen to recruit volunteers from the business sector who could bring valuable experience to the college, a leading provider of vocational, technical and professional training.

“We are looking for new governors who care about education and training for young people, adults and professionals – areas that Cambridge Regional College excels in,” she said.

“The college is one of the largest and most successful in the region, with an annual budget of around £35million. The governing board at CRC helps shape the careers of thousands of young people and adults, bringing far-reaching and lasting benefits to the region’s economy.  It’s unpaid but it’s a highly fulfilling role which plays an important part in the college’s development.”

The college’s Board of Governors meets about nine times a year, usually in the early evening. For more information, please contact Emily Baldwin, Clerk to the Corporation, on 01223 418213 or email

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