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The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came into force on the 6th April 2008. This is an area that has been high on the business travel agenda since 9/11 and the Act renders UK companies liable for the well being of their employees, whether they are travelling across the Atlantic, in the remotest parts of Asia or Africa, or around the UK's motorway network. Companies who practice responsible business travel undertake a duty of care towards their traveller's safety, security and health as well as the needs of the environment and society at large. This means that companies should include in their purchasing decisions criteria that demonstrate that their chosen suppliers such as hotels, accommodation and transport providers meet the highest standards for security and care. According to industry estimates, of approximately 10 million overseas business trips made by British travellers every year as many as 100 people die abroad. Road accidents account for the largest numbers of deaths, while "off duty incidents" such as swimming after a few drinks are another significant cause. The events of 9/11 however have concentrated concerns about security around the world. Many companies realised that there was no way of locating staff scattered around the globe and that business travelers are vulnerable.

With business travellers going all over the world and being exposed to all sorts of risks, health and safety abroad as well as at home is a priority. It is important that a thorough risk assessment is undertaken taking into account infection risks, disease outbreaks, immunisations and personal safety as well as considering local culture and customs in order to safeguard both the employee and employer.

Include in your policies that employees are advised to visit a specialised medical travel clinic (such as The Travel Clinic Ltd) for assessment of their needs prior to travel.

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