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5 business benefits of web-based applications

5 business benefits of web-based applications

More Flexibility - Use them anywhere on any device

Web-based applications can be used on a wide range of devices, which gives you and your colleagues’ flexibility to work wherever you are. Perhaps you have got some time to kill while on the train or need the latest sales figures before the meeting, cloud-based apps let you work on the latest information whenever you’re ready.

Greater Productivity - Pick up where you left off

Hand-in-hand with flexibility, the ability to move from device or location can improve productivity. Write up notes of a meeting or add an order while you're still at the customer's offices, web-based apps let you get information into the system while it's fresh. It's a great way to get a job going and you can easily pick up where you left off back at the office.

Better Collaboration – Work well with others

Not only can you can improve the flow of information between you and your colleagues but an increasing amount of integration with other web-based apps means business processes can be improved. For example, adding an order to your online order system could automatically raise an invoice in your accounts software and raise a request in your stock management software. This helps prevent errors, missing information and keeps colleagues informed.

Time saving - Easy to manage and maintain

With nothing to install, it's easy to provide your web-based app to whomever needs it and because it's web-based, the latest changes are rolled out to all your users instantly ensuring consistent and accurate data management. Usernames, passwords and permissions ensure you can add or remove users and edit functionality easily even if they are working remotely.

Safer business - Secure backups and disaster recovery

As your data is held securely in the cloud, a lost laptop or USB key doesn't mean losing the data too. Web-based apps often regularly backup data so no-one in the office needs to remember and data can be simply restored. And if there was a disaster at the office, like flooding or a power cut, you can easily continue to work from another location such as the pub!

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