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The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce extends its heartfelt congratulations to Suffolk New College for being awarded Further Education Provider of the Year at the prestigious EADT Suffolk Education Awards. This remarkable achievement showcases the college's unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing education in the region.

In addition to clinching the coveted Further Education Provider of the Year title, Suffolk New College earned well-deserved recognition as finalists in multiple categories, further highlighting their exceptional contributions to education and student development. The categories and corresponding recognitions include:

Further Education or Higher Education Provider of the Year: Winner
The Wellbeing Award: Finalist
Outstanding Support for Students: Finalist
Teacher of the Year (Charli Bignell): Finalist
Apprentice of the Year (Jane Thorpe): Finalist
Apprentice of the Year (Adam Wilson): Finalist

This recognition underscores the institution's commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, emphasising not only academic excellence but also the overall well-being and support of students.

Moreover, Suffolk New College proudly celebrates the nomination of a valued colleague, Gaynor, who emerged as a finalist for Support Staff of the Year. This acknowledgment reflects the outstanding contributions of the college's entire team to create a positive and nurturing environment for both students and staff.

Suffolk New College remains dedicated to fostering educational excellence, and these accolades are a testament to the institution's continuous pursuit of innovation and high standards in education.

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