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Logistics and shipping agency group and Suffolk Chamber Patron, Cory Brothers Ltd, part of the VertomCory Holding Ltd Company, has announced its acquisition of Monson Agencies from Five V Capital as part of a strategy of international expansion.

Monson Agencies is a technology-enabled shipping agency that specialises in dry and wet-bulk commodities, servicing some of the world's largest industrial producers and traders. The company is based in Australia and extends to New Zealand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, South Korea, and Japan. Through the purchase, the group is expanding its global shipping presence into the Asia Pacific region and integrating Monson with its business while retaining the brand.

The Executive Team of VertomCory said the deal established VertomCory as a market leader in shipping agency; "We will now be able to compete on a size-for-size basis with the world’s largest shipping agencies given our greater global presence and Asia Pacific development," they said.

Justin England of Five V Capital, which invested alongside founder Dale Monson to expand Monson Agencies' core offering into new regions and investing in its proprietary agency ERP technology, said "the acquisition by VertomCory will establish a key link between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, enhancing client service and providing incredible opportunities for the staff and clients of Monson Agencies."

CEO of Monson, Rob Davis, added, "we are excited to join VertomCory, our clients will be delighted too, and they will continue to enjoy high-quality service and also gain access to a wider set of expertise, capabilities and geographic coverage that VertomCory brings".

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