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In a post-pandemic environment, employers face more and more people management risks than ever before.  Contracts that are unfit for purpose; policies with a one size fits all approach; inconsistent HR practices that do not reflect a desire for growth, recruitment and retention processes, are battling with “the Great Resignation”.  Such risks lead potentially to a real lack of strategic planning around future people requirements.  The RSM HR Healthcheck combats these concerns highlighting where people related opportunity and risk may lie within an organisation. 

The HR Heathcheck is used to point an employer in the direction of a comprehensive review of documentation and processes to make sure an employer is following HR best practice.

Suffolk Chamber members offer

We are pleased to offer members a complimentary HR Healthcheck. This will provide a snapshot of current HR practices via a conversation with one of RSM’s HR Consultants who will leave employers with an initial risk register highlighting areas for further review. This is a stand-alone complimentary offer with no obligation for further engagement, but additional support will be offered. 

Who will this offer be beneficial to?

The HR Healthcheck is designed to support businesses allowing senior managers to revisit their people management practices and receive a written initial risk register highlighting areas for further review and comprehensive HR auditing.

The following two case studies provide examples of where the HR Healthcheck can support members:

Case study 1 – Research and Development Business


The company had grown significantly over the last 18-24 months and did not have an in-house HR team.  Predicted further growth revealed a desire to ensure people practices were futureproofed and compliant with UK employment legislation.

What we did

  • A HR Healthcheck was completed revisiting people management practices across the whole employee lifecycle.
  • A written risk register alerted the company not only to those areas that were effective and compliant but also those that required further consideration


Several areas of HR documentation were highlighted for a review including updated contracts of employment and a revised employee handbook.  Following the risk register report, the company has a plan for revisiting employee strategy that will grow as the company continues to grow.

Case study 2 – Retail business


The company’s head office was based in Scandinavia and had established a UK office with a small number of UK employees. The senior team were keen to understand what their responsibilities were within the UK and whether the Scandinavian practices could simply be transferred to the UK operation.

What we did

  • A slightly amended HR Healthcheck was completed to provide a risk rating and awareness of UK employment legislation
  • Detailed guidance around HR documentation (contracts of employment, policies and processes)
  • Provide employer guidance on people management approaches that were very different in the UK from their head office


A better understanding of how UK employment legislation translates into HR documentation and the approach to managing employees generally.

How do I access an HR Healthcheck?

To request your complimentary HR Healthcheck, please email providing your company registration number, name, position, and telephone number and title the email ‘Suffolk HR Healthcheck’.

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