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International Trade May Briefing


New Import Controls –Introduced from 30 April 2024

The following provides information on what you need to do to comply with the changes:

  • Ensure goods from EU /EFTA enter GB through an appropriately designated Border Control Post (BCP) or Control Point (CP) for your commodity type and present the consignment for inspection when called where risk-based documentary, identity and physical checks may take place.  Existing inspections of high-risk plants and plant products from the EU, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein will move from Places of Destination (PoDs) to BCP and CP’s.
  • Upload IUU documents to the CHED import notification created in IPAFFS for a consignment containing fish or fishery products for human consumption before submitting the import notification.

Additionally, imports from non-EU/EFTA risk assessed countries will begin to align with the BTOM regime. Changes to import controls for non-EU/EFTA risk assessed countries will include:  

Border controls for plants and plant products:

  • High-risk plants and plant products must come through a Border Control Post (BCP) or Control Point (CP) where identity and physical checks will be carried out. Checks will no longer take place at Places of Destination (PoDs). 
  • Alongside this, documentary checks and physical and identity checks at the border will be introduced for medium-risk goods imported from the EU. In line with the reduced frequency of checks, checks will have a baseline of 3% for EU imports and 5% for non-EU imports, but may be different in specific cases, where additional risk factors apply. Note, this doesn’t include medium-risk fruit and vegetables, if you are importing these goods from the EU, Switzerland or Liechtenstein to GB you will continue to be exempt from plant health controls on these goods. Further updates will be communicated shortly.

IPAFFS for your Import Notifications for plants and plant products:

  • Current users of the PEACH system will no longer be able to log onto PEACH and it will not be possible to submit import pre-notifications using this system. You must register for the IPAFFS system and start using IPAFFS now.    
  • All importers must be registered with a UK address within IPAFFS to ensure they can submit import pre-notifications. Please visit this link if you need to register for IPAFFS. To ensure full registration information is provided, please ensure that links to an agent (if required) and the address book are up to date and ready to use for your import notification. 

Training for importers of plants and plant products to support your transition from PEACH to IPAFFS:

To support your transition from PEACH to IPAFFS, DEFRA are running weekly one hour training sessions that provide a live walkthrough of the new process. Please register for a time that suits you via the links below.

Invitation to register and submit notifications via IPAFFS – Training Links 

You can also watch their pre-recorded training session here.  

Guidance on IPAFFS is available on GOV.UK. and further details visit the Plant Health Information Portal Import IT Systems page. You will be able to find the following information:  

Resources to help you comply with the new controls:

Sign up to DEFRA’s series of webinars for traders. These sessions will tell you all you need to know about changes to import processes under the Border Target Operating Model. They will provide a step-by-step guide to importing to GB from EU/EFTA and will provide information on entering through a port of entry with a border control post and outline what happens once you get there.

Visit the YouTube channel and watch recordings of previous webinars for traders.

Read the summary of common errors that have been identified through the documentary checks undertaken since the new controls were implemented. 

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about IPAFFS and Health Certificates.  

Read other guidance on how to comply with your legal responsibilities for:

importing live animals and animal products to Great Britain

importing plants and plant products from the EU to Great Britain

importing plants and plant products from non-EU countries to Great Britain

Common User Charge rates 

Introduction of risk-based identity and physical Border Control Post (BCP) checks set out in the BTOM, the Government will administer a Common User Charge on all eligible SPS imports (from rest of world EU and EFTA countries) entering the UK through the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel in Kent.  

The introduction of new sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) import controls are fundamental to protecting the UK’s food supply chain, food and farming industries, and natural environment from biosecurity risks including the costly outbreaks of diseases.

Charges on eligible imports coming into GB are necessary to fund the operation of planned government-run BCP facilities serving Port of Dover and Eurotunnel to make sure physical checks on SPS imports can be undertaken safely and securely.      

The Common User Charge will apply to imports of animal products, plants and plant products entering GB through the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel which are eligible for checks at a government-run BCP. It will be applied to all eligible imports whether or not the import is selected for a physical check at planned government-run BCP facilities.  

The maximum charge for one CHED will be limited to 5 commodity lines, even if there are more than 5 commodity lines present in the CHED. This means that medium and high-risk CHEDs will be capped at £145. Low-risk POAO CHEDs and POAO transits will be capped at £50.

The Common User Charge is an addition to any inspection fees applied by the Port Health Authority (for products of animal origin) and/or the Animal and Plant Health Agency (for plant and plant products). It will be up to commercial (private) ports to set their own charging structure and rates for traders using their services.  More details on chargers can be found here


UK-Canada Trade

In the UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement (TCA) , UK and Canada agreed time-limited clauses for ‘EU cumulation’ and origin quotas. This has meant that up until now, UK traders have been able to count EU inputs as if they were originating in their exports to Canada. On origin quotas, several textile and apparel lines have been eligible for alternative rules, within the limits of an applicable annual quota. As of 1st April 2024, these causes have expired. This means that UK exporters cannot consider EU inputs as originating when exporting to Canada. Businesses must ensure their products still meet the Rules of Origin set out in Annex 5 of the TCA if you want to benefit from preferential access. Furthermore, the alternative rules set out in Annex 5-A (Origin Quotas and Alternatives to the Product Specific Rules of Origin in Annex 5) no longer apply, and producers must meet the Rules of Origin set out in Annex 5 of the TCA.

Anti-Dumping Duties

The UK government lowered anti-dumping duties on certain ceramic tableware product imports into the UK from selected Chinese producers. This was following an investigation by the Trade Remedies Authority. 

UK Trade Agreements

Trade agreements set out the rules for buying and selling goods and services between 2 or more countries. They reduce restrictions on imports and exports, which can make trading easier and cheaper when they are used. Find out which trade agreements the UK has signed and which the UK is negotiating.

Suffolk Chamber International Trade Group (SCITG)

The SCITG is a forum for sharing best practice, hearing from local and national policymakers and thought leaders to enhance knowledge and capabilities in developing international trading activities.

Click here for further details on the Suffolk Chamber International Trade group or if you would like to be part of the SCITG, please contact the international team on

International Trade Events

Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce

Infrastructure Mission to Egypt including the Big 5 Construct event- June 2024

Infrastructure in Egypt is up and coming, offering different opportunities across the different sectors including hospitality, ports and airports, power and energy, industrial and manufacturing, water treatment plants, metro and rail, road and bridges, petrochemicals and fertilizers, healthcare, facility management and digital transformation.

The Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce (EBCC) is organising 2 webinars followed by a mission to Egypt in June that incorporates a 2-day visit to the Big5 Construct event.  These will be held in collaboration with DBT and the Commercial Office of the Egyptian Embassy in the UK and are aimed to support both private sector projects as well as the governmental and public sector mega projects.

Infrastructure Opportunities in Egypt and beyond

📅 Wednesday 15th May

10:00am –11:00am GMT



The Egyptian British Chamber of Commerce cordially invites companies in the infrastructure, construction and water industries to attend the 2nd of 2 webinars shedding light on the infrastructure industry in Egypt and highlighting the Big 5 Construct event taking place in Egypt 25 – 27 June 2024.

The programme includes:

  • An overview and outlook of the infrastructure, construction and water industries in Egypt
  • A presentation from one of the Key players in the industry showcasing upcoming opportunities in Egypt and the MEA region
  • Information on the Big 5 Construct and EIWE events (visiting, exhibiting, speaking opportunities)
  • An overview from UKEF highlighting ways to mitigate financial barriers
  • An overview from DBT and EBCC on the support offered to UK companies

Infrastructure Mission to Egypt including the Big 5 Construct event- June 2024

📅 Monday 24th June – Thursday 27th June


Register your interest for FREE


The EBCC is holding its first infrastructure mission to Egypt on June 24th – 27th.

The mission is organised in collaboration with the Department of Business and Trade (DBT) Egypt and is planned to give a practical on the ground insight into the different infrastructure opportunities in Egypt and the gateway it opens into the wider MEA region across a number of different sectors.  These include hospitality, ports and airports, power and energy, industrial and manufacturing, water treatment plants, metro and rail, road and bridges, petrochemicals and fertilizers, healthcare, facility management and digital transformation.

The mission includes a 2-day visit to the big 5 construct event which serves to bring together over 20,000 construction businesses, attracting over 300 exhibitors from 21 countries worldwide.

This is a huge opportunity for UK companies wishing to showcase their products and services, create brand awareness in Egypt and the African continent, generate business leads to international trade and foster networking opportunities in the infrastructure industry.

The programme includes:

  • Welcome and greeting from the Egyptian Ambassador and the Commercial Office in the UK
  • Welcome and greeting from the British Ambassador and DBT in Egypt
  • Showcasing opportunities
  • Speaking opportunities
  • An infrastructure committee meeting
  • Presentations from the different Ministries in Egypt
  • Plenty of B2B opportunities
  • Site visits
  • 2-day visit to the Big5 Construct Egyptand the Egypt Infrastructure and Water Expo (EIWE) events
  • EBCC organised networking event
  • Cultural dinner
  • A follow up meeting with the Egyptian Ambassador to Egypt

For more information register your interest for FREE and a member of the team will reach out to you

UK Export Academy

How to find the right export support for your business

📅 Friday 17th May

3:00pm –3:30pm BST


For forty years, Dulas has pioneered the effective use of renewable energy. Join this interactive session with MD, Ruth Champman to hear her top tips on finding the right support to take your business to the world. Register


What does the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism mean for your business?

📅 Tuesday 21st May

10:00am –11:00am BST


The EU’s Carbon Adjustment Border Mechanism is the tariff for products considered carbon intensive that are imported into the EU. This webinar will explore upcoming changes in July and how to prepare. Register

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Osaka Global Innovation Forum 2024

Thames Valley Chamber have been appointed national co-ordinator for the recruitment of UK entrepreneurial businesses for Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) virtual Global Innovation Forum (GIF) 2024. 

This is the sixth year this forum has run, and pervious years have seen several UK start-up/innovative businesses being selected to participate, with great success, finding partners and investment for their products. 

This year OCCI is seeking 5/6 UK start-up/innovative businesses, in the following sectors: 

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality
  • Robotics
  • Agri Tech / Food Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Green Technology, Carbon Neutrality, New Energy
  • Digital Transformation
  • New Materials 

The forum activities will provide successful applicants with access to a wide innovation network in Osaka, profiling to over 30000 OCCI members as well as over 700 GIF community members who are actively seeking collaborating or offering investment. 

With participation free to participants, from the end of May 2024, the successful businesses will be showcased in the GIF Virtual Exhibition, with July seeing participants taking part in a virtual pitch to potential Japanese partners, with complimentary interpretation support provided by OCCI.  Following the live pitch OCCI and TVCC will be there to provide 1-2-1 support to the businesses to ensure they maximise the opportunities which arise. 

The deadline for applications is 17 May 2024.

This opportunity in the UK is only open to businesses via the UK Chamber Network and demonstrates UK Chambers involvement in promotion of global trade and investment across the world. 

For further information, visit:

International Trade Training Courses

Suffolk Chamber offers a wide range of training solutions to unlock the international trade potential of your employees. It will boost your business performance regardless of the size of your company or your international trade experience.

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