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Windsor Framework

From 1 October 2023 the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme will offer a simplified process for moving pre-packaged retail food from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Businesses will benefit from the new green lane arrangements, avoid extensive and costly certification and assurance processes and be able to move products that meet UK public health, organics and fisheries rules. Guidance for businesses can be found here, and you can sign up to one of DEFRA’s webinars here.


Trader Support Service for Businesses Extended

The Government has announced that the Trader Support Service, which helps businesses of all sizes navigate changes to the way goods move under the Windsor Framework, has been extended until December 2024.  The service also provides guidance and training to help businesses understand what the Windsor Framework means for them, and avoids traders having to use specialist software. Businesses moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland can sign up to the Trader Support Service and access free online courses and training materials.


The Border Target Operating Model (BTOM): August 2023

The final Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) sets out a new approach to security controls (applying to all imports), and sanitary and phytosanitary controls (applying to imports of live animals, animal products, plants and plants products) at the border.


BTOM risk categories for the rest of the world Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) imports have been published

From 30 April 2024 onwards, the controls for imports to GB from all third countries will shift away from the inherited EU model to the BTOM’s risk-based and targeted approach. This shift will represent a material change in how commodities are exported to GB from certain countries with several positive outcomes for GB importers, most prominently a reduction in cost and time to bring goods into GB. For non-EU animals and animal products, the risk categorisation is available here. For non-EU plants and plant products the risk categorisation is available here.    



Global trade

Department for Business and Trade – Big in America

Department for Business and Trade’s, Big in America has produced a guide to exporting to the USA. It contains useful information, including an overview of the wide-ranging opportunities, sector focused insights and details of the support available. Download the guide here.


UK-US SME Dialogue

The 7th UK-US SME Dialogue was recently held in Indio, California.  The SME Dialogue brings together small and medium sized businesses on both sides of the Atlantic with UK and U.S. government representatives to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs looking to export across the Atlantic. During the Dialogue, the UK announced the launch of updated resources that provide advice and support for SMEs wanting to export to the U.S.

  • Doing Business Toolkit: This toolkit contains advice, Top Tips and resources for SMEs looking to grow their business in the UK and export to exciting markets such as the U.S.
  • E-Commerce Toolkit: Advice for UK SMEs selling online to the U.S.


UK Trade Tariff: duty suspensions and autonomous tariff quotas

In June, the Government launched a new duty suspension application window, which aimed to provide business an opportunity to apply for a temporary reduction to tariffs, including on inputs into production, for a two-year period. This window closed in August 2023. The government has published a list of all products and HS commodity code classifications on which suspensions are being considered as a result of this year’s application process. Follow this link to view the list.

A 4-week objections window is now live and will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 18 October. This  form can be completed if you would like to submit any objections you may have to the proposed suspensions, as the government will use this feedback to inform the final decision. 


Export Opportunities

Find out about the latest export opportunities available in BangladeshGermanyNorth America and Middle East.

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