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Ely and Haughley Rail Upgrades

Following Chancellor Rishi Sunak's address at the Tory Conference, Downing Street made a significant announcement regarding two vital infrastructure upgrades. These upgrades will involve improving Haughley Junction near Stowmarket and the complete reconstruction of Ely North Junction.

This development marks a major milestone for the county and the wider East of England region, including its business community. It is a substantial win, signalling successful lobbying efforts that have transcended county boundaries, political divisions, and have united both the private and public sectors.

John Dugmore, Chief Executive of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, shared his thoughts on this pivotal announcement, stating, "This announcement is a massive win for Suffolk, the East of England, and for sustainable national growth. It is also a ringing endorsement for the collaborative lobbying that has taken place over many years across county boundaries, political divides, and between businesses and the public sector." 

“Suffolk Chamber is proud to have been at the forefront of the Suffolk contribution to these campaigning efforts – in the case of Haughley Junction for many, many decades. Working with Transport East colleagues and Suffolk’s MPs, we have been incredibly active in in reaching out to ministers and others to get this project across the line.

“Our task now is to ensure that the project is activated as soon as possible and that it goes ahead regardless as to the outcome of the next General Election. We will be unstinting in this regard as the voice of business in Suffolk.”

Suffolk Chamber has played a leading role in these campaigns, particularly for the Haughley Junction project, which has been a focal point of attention for the Chamber for decades. Working in tandem with Transport East and Suffolk's Members of Parliament, the Chamber has actively engaged with ministers and key stakeholders to ensure the successful realization of these projects.

The focus now shifts to ensuring that the projects are initiated promptly and continue irrespective of the outcome of the next General Election. Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is committed to representing the voice of the business community in Suffolk and is determined to see these crucial schemes through.

Suffolk Chamber is also seeking further information from Network Rail and other relevant parties regarding the project's phasing, milestones, and implementation. Network Rail representatives are set to attend the Chamber's Transport & Infrastructure Group, which is open to members, providing an opportunity for the business community to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

Additionally, the Chamber is actively seeking assurances from the Labour Party regarding their stance on the project to avoid any further delays.

The inclusion of Ely and Haughley rail junctions in the government's new transport schemes is a highly welcomed development. It is expected to alleviate congestion, boost trade, and have a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, together with its partners, patrons and members, is determined to ensure the timely completion of these projects and is actively involved in the coalition, along with Transport East, Suffolk County Council, district councils, and MPs, to secure the success of these vital infrastructure improvements.

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce remains committed to actively participating in the realisation of these projects and addressing the transportation needs of the region. They continue to engage in lobbying efforts to address infrastructure challenges, including improvements to the A14 and the Copdock Interchange.

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