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Continuing the series of House of Commons events organised by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, business leaders’ from across Suffolk were brought together with key stakeholders and government officials to discuss pressing matters concerning Suffolk's business landscape.

The presence of Mims Davies MP, Minister for Social Mobility, Youth and Progression, alongside Tom Hunt MP and Jo Churchill MP is a testament to the government's commitment to productive dialogue with the region's business community.

Mims Davies MP, who addressed the gathering, was noted for her openness and willingness to listen. The crucial next step is translating this receptiveness into tangible action. Suffolk Chamber of Commerce emphasises the collaborative spirit that pervades the region and believes that, together, we can make progress on the issues that were raised during the luncheon.

The discussions encompassed a broad range of topics, highlighting the need for action in various areas:
• Boot Camp Funding: It was stressed that funding for boot camps should continue to provide valuable support and not be discontinued.
• Business Engagement with Schools: Pre-16 engagement on career aspirations and the importance of schools being proactive was a central theme. Collaboration between businesses and educational institutions is seen as key.
• Internship Support and Apprenticeship Levy Reform: Discussion touched upon the need for the government to go beyond agreement and actively reform the apprenticeship levy.
• Highlighting Careers in Various Sectors: Recognising the significance of career opportunities in sectors like hospitality and leisure.
• School Leavers at 16 and Improving Maths/English Skills: Addressing the challenges of students leaving school at 16 and advocating for further investments in improving maths and English skills.
• The Neurodiverse Workforce: The value of harnessing neurodiverse talents in the workforce was emphasised.
• Migrant Labour and Skill Shortage Occupation List: Lobbying the Home Office for favourable inclusions in the skill shortage occupation list.
• B2B Mentoring: Encouraging larger corporations to exchange ideas with small and medium-sized enterprises through effective mentoring.

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce extends its gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their unwavering support. Together, we aim to continue amplifying the voice of Suffolk business and drive positive change for the region's business community.

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