Export Assessment

Managing Growth

Let's start by looking at general business growth plans.

What plans do you have to grow and develop?

Is there a track record of growth management?

How important is innovation and creativity to your company?

What is the approach to consultation on key decisions?

International Trade

Now let's consider your current view on international trade.

How important is international trade to your company now?

What experience is there of international trade within the company?

Where does international trade fit in the business strategy?

Have you considered your competitive advantage in export markets?


Now let's consider a few financial implications.

Will the financial position support international trade?

How closely are the finances monitored?

Are international trade sales and costs forecast?

Have you considered cash flow implications for international trade?

Staffing Requirements

Ensuring you have the appropriate skills either in-house or sub-contracted is an important consideration.

Have you considered the international trade roles required?

Do you have the people in place for international trade roles?

Are there any skills gaps in relation to international trade?


Let’s now look at your ability to fulfil the extra business exporting will bring.

Do you have the capacity to fulfil export growth?

Can the supply chain support your growth?

Can the product be sold internationally at a competitive price?

Will systems and ICT support export operations?

International Markets

We will now look at your experience in identifying and entering new export markets.

Is there up to date experience of developing export business?

How do you plan on proactively identifying new export markets?

Is there an understanding how to identify routes to market?

What is your approach to pricing for export markets?

Sales and Marketing

This section will ask you to think promoting an appropriate message to your target markets.

Is there a well developed overall sales and marketing plan?

Do you know why you win, keep or lose customers?

What do you know about your sales channel satisfaction?

Can a promotional programme be produced that is suitable for the culture and language of target export markets?

Products and Services

We will examine whether you have considered issues around legislation and regulations governing your product.

Do you understand the standards required in overseas markets?

Can product and service support be provided overseas?

Have language considerations been assessed?

Is IPR for products and services in place?

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