Campaign to Dual the A1307

Our campaign is calling for the urgent dualling of one of the most significant roads in Suffolk. It will play a key role in an extra £360 million GVA for the county economy.

The A1307 is the major road joining Haverhill to the main UK road network and the town is possibly the largest in the UK not on a primary route. A new road will play a large part in bringing 8,000 new jobs to the county.

“The launch of the A1307 campaign is key to the future success of Haverhill and its economy,” said Paul Donno, the Chair of Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. “The A1307 from Haverhill to the A11 is a critical piece of infrastructure no longer fit for purpose and its upgrading is a key pillar in the 4,000 new homes that will be built in the West of Suffolk.”

The launch of the campaign, which took place at Culina Logistics in Haverhill, saw over 40 businesses and local authority leaders come together. They heard that the current A1307 regularly experiences congestion and delays having a negative impact on business, shoppers and local families moving around the town and across the county.

“Haverhill is where Suffolk ends and Cambridgeshire starts,” said local Member of Parliament Matt Hancock who was at the launch. “These sorts of bureaucratic boundaries get in the way of planning vital links for growing towns and that is why this campaign is so important.”

The campaign has said the solution is to build a new safe primary route that will dual the A1307. If it was built to the north of the current route, it would be shorter, cause minimal disruption during construction and would minimise costs. The result say campaigners would benefit the whole area both economically and socially.

Nikos Savvas, board director of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership added: "Our modern economy needs and deserves excellent infrastructure, so we can compete on the national and international stages. We can already see the benefits that a fully dualled A11 has brought to business and the local economy, now we must do the same for the A1307.’’

Business leaders who were in attendance at the launch, added their support:

“The main concern with the A1307 is to ensure reliable journey times,” said Nicholas Hodgson, Head of Engineering at Haverhill based Sanofi. “We need to transport and deliver life-saving medical products therefore a safe and fast road to the A11 and across the UK is essential.”

Steve Morris, General Manager at Culina in Haverhill added: “As a market leading food and drink logistics specialist Culina would strongly support any proposals for improvements to the road from Haverhill to the National Network. The dualling of this road is imperative.”

A1307 July 2018 campaign update

Following the launch an A1307 Strategy Board, to drive the campaign forward, was established in mid 2016. The Strategy Board is chaired by Matt Hancock MP, administered by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Haverhill and District, and in addition includes representatives from: Cambridge Ahead; Cambridgeshire Constabulary; Cambridgeshire County Council; Forest Heath District Council; GCGP LEP; Haverhill Town Council; New Anglia LEP; St Edmundsbury Borough Council; Suffolk Constabulary; Suffolk County Council; and West Suffolk Councils.

View the full document here.

A1307 Haverhill to Cambridge: Pre-Strategic Outline Business Case

The pre-strategic outline business case for the A1307 Haverhill to Cambridge dualling scheme (PDF, 1MB) explains the Strategic and Economic case for the scheme, in alignment with the principles of the Department for Transport’s Business Case Guidance.

The campaign brochure is below: