Representing You

Policy, lobbying and representation is one of the pillars of the business plan of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

As a member-led organisation, Suffolk Chamber strives to use its network of decision-making contacts - including the government - and its high reputation to represent members' views and concerns to the right people at the right time and in the right manner in order to influence policy and action.

As well as its own direct lobbying and representational efforts, Suffolk Chamber is able to leverage the influence exerted by the British Chambers of Commerce and use the definitive research data produced by our national body.

This constructive effort is an integral part of the Chambers' lobbying, public affairs and advocacy activities, creating working group for the key issues facing Suffolk business.

As part of our ongoing efforts to proactively advocate and lobby for our members' needs and to support and represent local business interests, we have identified key priorities that are important to business and the key areas of Suffolk that are essential to Suffolk business.

Members of the Chamber are invited to participate in these regular events to focus and discuss the key priorities and areas in Place Forums and Thematic Groups. 

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Thematic Groups;

Business growth & trade

Economy & business resilience

Net Zero & environmental

Transport & infrastructure 

People & skills

Place Forums;

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce's Place Forums are where ideas spark, collaborations flourish, and real change is ignited.