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Vertas Group creates joint venture with Combat2Coffee

Vertas Group creates joint venture with Combat2Coffee

Vertas Group Limited has created a joint venture with Combat2Coffee.

The joint venture will be Vertas Group’s social value coffee arm and will be named Combat2Coffee Commercial.

Over the past year, Vertas Group has enjoyed an excellent partnership with Combat2Coffee and the creation of the joint venture celebrates the growth of Combat2Coffee’s roasting provision.

Combat2Coffee was established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2018 and was set up with the aim of providing army veterans who are struggling with mental-health challenges a safe haven, ‘one coffee at a time’. Combat2Coffee will continue to operate independently as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and a proportion of the profits from Combat2Coffee Commercial will be invested back into the CIC through gift aid.

Ian Surtees MBA FIoD, Vertas Group Chief Executive Officer,  comments on the joint venture: “We are very pleased to have formed a joint venture with Combat2Coffee and the new formal partnership opens up exciting business opportunities and a new beverage experience for consumers. Vertas Group and Combat2Coffee share common values including the commitment to the community. We are proud that the partnership is not just about coffee but promotes the CIC and the support available to those that need it.”

Nigel Seaman, Founder of Combat2Cofffee comments: “This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the mental and physical health support available for all. Vertas Group and Combat2Coffee’s values are aligned and for me, this joint venture was an easy decision to make. I’m confident that the growth of the joint venture will support not only veterans but the general community to understand there is help out there.”

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