International Trade

International trade can bring many advantages to Suffolk businesses such as increased revenues, decreased competition, longer product lifespan, better risk management, enhanced reputation and the opportunity to specialise.

Research by the British Chambers of Commerce has shown that exporters are more likely to undertake innovative activities, such as the introduction of new products, services, or production methods, than firms which don’t.

Importing is also crucially important to the wider economy, providing key products and services for consumers. They also contribute to manufacturing and processing supply chains.

The world of trade is changing, fresh markets are emerging, greener, sustainable goods and services are being developed. Suffolk Chamber International is a key part of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. It exists to offer services, advice and training for companies who either are already trading internationally or who are contemplating doing so.

As one of 53 accredited Chambers of Commerce in the UK and with Chambers of Commerce in over 75 international markets part of the British Chambers of Commerce, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has the reach and influence to help Suffolk businesses; creating a platform for businesses to shape the Suffolk economy for the better.

Looking for the most up-to-date information on how we can support your path to international trade? BCC published their 2023 Trade Manifesto, which contains everything you need to know about our role in global trade, fully adapted to account for the latest developments in the world.

View the BCC Trade Manifesto for the full details - British Chamber of Commerce Trade Manifesto 

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