Project History

Improving Workplace Health project history

Absenteeism carries a huge financial burden for businesses, with more than 130 million working days lost in the UK every year due to illness and incapacity, costing the British economy approximately £29bn per year. Improvements in workers’ health and wellbeing also has other benefits both to the quality of life of millions of workers themselves and in reducing pressure on our over-stretched health services.

That is why Suffolk Chamber and Public Health Suffolk have joined together to run an awareness-raising campaign called Improving Workplace Health. Underpinning this campaign is Public Health Suffolk’s Five Ways to Wellbeing which provide general ideas as to how we can all boost our mental and physical strength.

Throughout 2019 we delivered workshops, collated resources including videos and documents and worked with businesses in the county to create a toolkit for building a resilient county - please click on the links below to take you to the relevant information.

Workshops - including presentations, notes and videos

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Downloadable resources

Downloadable toolkit: building a resilient county

Downloadable toolkit: building resilience during covid-19