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The Mix Stowmarket

OUR VISION: Young people empowered and enabled to change their world and ours.

OUR MISSION:  We believe in young people. We believe they have immeasurable worth and are valuable, exceptional and unique. We believe they can change their personal worlds and the world we live in. We strive everyday to empower, support and protect young people so they can discover their true value and build their best future.


Providing Opportunity

We want to ensure that all young people, their families and community have access to what they need and when they need it.  Why? Because of what life can look like when we don't! At The Mix we exist to empower young people to change the world and Providing Opportunity is the start of it.

Building Community

We believe in families and community and we want them to work.  Building community is about sharing burdens, resources, stories, history, energy and our lives. We believe that when we do this we build connections that go deep and wide. You cant change the world without building community.

Growing Potential

At The Mix we are committed to growing potential in all areas of life. To helping individuals, families and communities to realise their true value and build their best future.  We work hard everyday to empower people to change their world and ours. Whether its counselling, coaching, qualifications or just someone to say 'we believe in you', Growing Potential is at the core of who we are.

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Community / Charity / Care Services