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R I Training

RI has been at the forefront of providing training services and development of training resources in the UK since 1989.

We work to deliver best practice services and solutions to our clients in both the private and public sectors. Our services centre upon the development of people in working environments where we aim to create excellence in learning at all levels. The services we offer are in Training Consultancy, Direct Training and e-learning.

We provide consultancy in a range of different areas including advise on the development of organisational training initiatives.  Services include training needs analysis, competency framework development and training material design and development.

We offer a range of training courses to support the development of trainers and HR staff. We also offer specialist training to the food industry. All our training courses are offered nationwide. We are flexible in our approach and will deliver our training at a time and place that suits the needs of our clients. We can utilise client venues, or organise the hire of facilities best suited to the delivery of the planned training. Assessment and certification services can be offered in support of most of our courses.

We offer e-learning consultancy as well as a development services where we can design and create bespoke e-learning products and solutions at competitive prices.

For more information on the services we offer go to or phone Patrick McDaniel on 01379 676545.

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Training / Coaching / Mentor