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Pathfinder East Ltd

Pathfinder East Ltd Pathfinder East Ltd

Pathfinder East delivers expert, cost-effective, marketing and business development services to companies in the Eastern Region, to help them drive forward growth.

Pathfinder East helps growing businesses to:

  • define a clear strategy to achieve business goals
  • identify key funding and support services to support those goals
  • access expert, cost-effective, flexible business development services to help drive forward growth

It can help businesses through:

  • implementing a one-off project or series of projects to support business growth
  • delivering outsourced business development director services
  • providing valuable guidance and vision to staff in business development and marketing roles


Pathfinder East brings to organisations our fresh perspective and creative ideas, addressing business challenges, while freeing up management time.

We share with clients  knowledge of the growth funding and business support services available in the region and bring to the table a wide range of contacts and networks from across the East.

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Contact:  Emma Finn, Director, Pathfinder East


Phone: 07495 766622

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