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Louis Perrin

Hemisphere Freight Services Ltd

I began my journey in Logistics and Transport in 2007 working in the warehouse for Hemisphere Freight Services whilst completing a degree course in Logistics and Transport followed by an honours degree in Business management. I quickly moved to managing one of our largest fulfilment contracts for a 2 year period gaining invaluable experience in management, inventory control, KPI monitoring and fulfilment, and customer service etc. 

I have also enjoyed the experience of working within Hemispheres Import Operations team and Ocean Sales department. 

I truly am passionate about my job and the Logistics and Transport Industry. Everyday it presents new challenges and opportunities. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity it has provided to travel the World,which has enabled me to learn from and work with great people from various cultures and backgrounds.

I take huge pride in our clients products and delivering on their requirements. I like to know the in's and outs of the supply chain, the positives and the negatives so if welcome I can provide our suggestions to optimise the logistics and transport aspects.

I believe in developing open and honest partnerships which are mutually beneficial for Our Clients, Suppliers and Partners alike.