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Green Duck

Green Duck Green Duck
Green Duck Is an IT support company with headquarters in Suffolk and offers business solutions to customers nationally.
Originally founded in 2002 by Mathew Green and Graham Duckworth, Green Duck is now a company of over 50 employees over three technology divisions. 
Green Duck prides itself of providing exceptional customer service and an innovative approach to IT.
In addition to IT services, Green Duck has also incorporated Source Code Studio and Labsec into the Green Duck family, meaning that they can offer a full suite of technology solutions to customers from IT support to web design & development to cyber security. 
Services include:
Business IT Support
Microsoft 365
Back up
Email spam filtering 
Web filtering
Pen testing
Cyber security gap analysis 
Credential monitoring on the dark web
Cyber security consultancy 
Vulnerability Management 
Simulated Phishing campaigns
Cyber Essentials 
Software design & development
Website design & development
App design & development 

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Business category:
IT / Telecommunications