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Green Duck was hatched in 2002 by co-founders Mathew Green and Graham Duckworth, friends who share a passion for IT, fast cars and getting things done. Now, some 16 years later, there are more grey hairs, fewer fast cars but their passion for IT burns brighter than ever.

What Ruffles Our Feathers? Clients wasting money on snake oil. Would you believe that often, the best solution is not the most expensive? We frequently have conversations with clients who have been encouraged to buy (b)leading edge technology which is totally over-specified for their business and from which they will never get an adequate return on investment.

So what do we actually do?

IT Services - Smart and innovative services delivered by our brilliant ducklings including IT Support, Cyber-Security, Cloud, Connectivity and Telephony.

SourceCodeStudio - This is where we build beautifully crafted and user-friendly websites, apps and software that will help you get started, go further or stay ahead.

Training - Train your brain with a wide variety of IT, Business, Health & Safety, Management, HR, Sales and Marketing courses.

We are plain speakers, using jargon free language (for the most part). We take the time to understand what you actually need and then build a solution that is right for that need.

There's more to us than meets the eye (movie reference alert) so please head over to our website to find out more -

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IT / Telecommunications