Company Profile

Engie FM Limited

Cofely is a leading service business, operating across public, private and healthcare sectors. Our award-winning public sector service is tailored to individual priorities, budgets and future needs.

We put the needs of the end-user first, offering a comprehensive life cycle service.

Our strength lies in our diversity - we offer the following services:

Energy services

We can help you to manage your existing energy-consuming services more efficiently. We can also pro-actively identify and implement innovative measures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Business outsourcing services

We can help you by undertaking business processes for you — such as HR, IT, reception and call-centre operations — allowing you to concentrate on core activities.'

'Hard' services

We offer mechanical and electrical services, building fabric services, grounds maintenance and project management. Our solutions are tailored to individual requirements and are focussed on cost savings and adding value.

'Soft' services

We offer car parking, catering, cleaning, waste and energy management and security services, with an emphasis on sustainability and flexibility. Such services help your customers to gain a positive impression of your organisation.

'Essential' services

We offer supply chain optimisation, customer satisfaction, health and safety and helpdesk services.

Business category:
Business Support / Consultancy