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Dave Allan


My role is Sales and Marketing  Director for Doxbond. I have been part of the family run independent company for 12 years and in my current role for 4.

We look to establish good relations wiith our customers from the outset and really get to know them. Having a strong line of communication from the people requiring information and us in our office and warehouse ensures the client that they can have any queries answered quickly and have that all important accesibility to their files and records.

I go to networking meetings as often as possible, which gives me the oppotunity to get to know potential clients and also potential service providers before we start doing business. I enjoy using my contacts to put businesses who can be of benefit to one another in touch.

I am married with 2 boys aged 6 & 3.

I took part in an event called Tough Guy for a charity that was liknked to an event that was very close to me. The event was pretty horrible but it was all worthwhile.

At the moment theres not to much training but I am about to start my first coaching badge for training my son's football team.