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Roy Gover

Colchester Business Centre

Colbea Chairman


Managing Partner of GCG Consulting


Roy Gover is a Chartered Accountant and Principal of GCG Consulting specialising in M&A and Franchising. Following a post-qualification career in international banking, Roy was appointed to head up Legal and General’s estate agency acquisition team. Since establishing GCG in 1990, he has worked with most of the major financial institutions with estate agency interests as well as many smaller firms both in the UK and overseas. Since moving to Colchester in 1996, Roy has been involved with COLBEA in a wide variety of guises, variously a tenant, sponsor, non-executive director, financial controller and now Chairman. Speaking about his appointment, Roy shares his vision for the future of COLBEA, saying; “It’s exciting for me, but there’s a still lot to do. Almost my entire career has involved start-ups in one-way shape or form – so of course, I’m passionate about new business! COLBEA has an outstanding track record of nurturing local start-ups since it began in 1982. Let’s shout this out loud, do more of the same and ensure COLBEA remains a sustainable service provider and effective conduit for new Essex enterprise. “Outside of work, his passion for music, he presents the Classic Rock Show on Hospital Radio Colchester, is shared with time out entertaining friends and family on ‘Muddy Waters’ – a Great Ouse riverboat.