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Angel Rubia

Managing Director
Arcape International Ltd
Angel Rubia Angel Rubia

Ángel Rubia has worked in the marketing arena since he moved to the United Kingdom in 2001, holding senior marketing roles for different organisations, until he and Caron Peirson founded their own company in 2011, Arcape International Ltd.

With a Master in Law from Spain, where he worked as a lawyer for over four years, and an MBA from the United Kingdom, Ángel has an eclectic set of skills very valuable for dealing with the fast-paced marketing environment.

Arcape is an independent marketing consultancy offering a variety of services. We offer bespoke social media marketing services to businesses helping them both to build their brand awareness and to promote their products and services. Our USP, what distinguishes us from other local companies offering social media management services, is our marketing-centred approach, together with our local business knowledge.

We deliver social media results, getting quality followers relevant to your business target audience, engaging with them, and driving traffic to your website which ultimately will translate into an increased conversion rate.

In addition to social media marketing management services, we offer social media training to those businesses that prefer their in-house teams to run their social media.  As registered UK training providers (UKPRN: 10057336), our Suffolk clients can take advantage of the Employer Training Incentive Pilot and apply for a 25% return on their investment in their staff.

Please get in touch If you'd like a free consultation about how Arcape can help deliver social media results to your business.