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Abacus FMEC

Abacus FMEC (Facilities Management Engineering Consultancy) is focused on distributing Hydromx®, which  is an unique, internationally-patented product, used in over 10,000 installations globally to reduce energy usage by up to 35%.

Following a standard drain and flush, Hydromx® is mixed 50/50 with water and simply pumped into the cooling or heating system to provide:

  • Significant reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Payback in one to 3 years, with a 15 year warranty, generating 4 times the return on investment.
  • Reduction in running hours for boilers, chillers and heat pumps, cutting repair and life cycle costs.
  • Compatibility with all heating and cooling system materials, with a UKAS-accredited BuildCert Certificate.
  • Protection against corrosion, limescale, micro-organisms (eg Legionella) and freezing (minus 61oC).

 Hydromx® has attained: 

 PBA Energy Solutions Ltd is the exclusive UK and Ireland Hydromx® Distributor and has an agent based near the Cost Centre Savings office in Norwich.

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Manufacturing / Engineering