Company Profile

A & J Laser Engraving Ltd

A laser engraving company for both commercial and non-commercial permanent product marking. With the addition of a C02 laser machine to add to the fibre laser we started with, our range of engravable materials has vastly grown and is expanding on a weekly basis as we are asked to engrave anything from a polished brass artillery shell and silicone wrist bands, to recycled plastic furniture. As a local family run business we are best placed to offer our customers a competitive rate and speedy turn around without the constraints larger companies have to deal with, such as staffing and overheads.

We are keen to work with clients who require manufactured parts that need to be either permantly marked for identification purposes or, using the engraving, to advertise themselves. Not only are we happy to do small or large batches but have the flexibility to work on the initial prototype with the client.

Business category:
Metals / Metal Products