Subscriptions FAQ


Q: I have elected to pay via direct debit, but have changed my bank account. Will this be amended automatically?

A:  No, although the bank will tell you all your direct debit payments will be moved across to your new account, in reality this will not happen.  Our direct debit files are generated from our invoicing system, and your new account details will need to be applied.  You will need to complete a new direct debit mandate – please email

Q: I have paid my membership invoice, but have received a chase letter – why?

A: We download weekly from the bank and allocate receipts against invoices. This way we are never more than five working days behind with posting customer receipts. Sometimes a chase letter will simply cross with an allocation.

When contacting us with a payment query please ensure you quote the invoice number, and that it is quoted when a remittance is made. This way, our accounting system will correctly update our invoicing system. For more information email

Q: My company requires a purchase order number to be quoted on the membership invoice before payment can be approved. Is this a problem?

A:  Not at all. As long as the purchase order number is provided before the renewal invoice is generated, we can include this on the invoice.  Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain a purchase order number if required. For more information email