Membership FAQ

Q: Is my Suffolk Chamber membership just for me or for everyone in my business?


A: All Suffolk Chamber memberships are for the whole business, so any member of your team can benefit. For more information about the range of benefits Suffolk Chamber membership offers email

Q: Is Suffolk Chamber accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce?

A: Yes, we are part of 53 Chambers of Commerce across the country who are accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The BCC is an authentic voice for British business and a leading commentator on the UK economy, drawing on a powerful network that represents business interests in Westminster, Brussels, and in every part of the UK. 

Accredited Chambers sit at the heart of local business communities, helping thousands of companies - of every size and sector - to grow and thrive. Together with our fast-growing global network, Chambers provide practical advice and support to British companies trading around the world.  

Q: Suffolk Chamber offers a wide range of business discounts and offers. How can I access these?


Being a member of Suffolk Chamber qualifies you for a number of exclusive business discounts. For more details including how to apply them to your business click here


Q: How do I access the free 24 hour HR, health & safety, legal and tax advices line as part of Suffolk Chamber Protection?


The number for this line can be accessed by clicking on the Suffolk Chamber Protection button in the members' area of this website (via the top right hand corner) 


Q: How do I resign from the Chamber?


A: A Member may terminate membership by giving notice in writing at least three months before the day when their subscription shall next be due. Please read the Code Of Membership and Articles of Association carefully prior to submitting your resignation.


Any resignation submitted must be sent in writing to Michele Broadhurst at Suffolk Chamber and should provide a reason for the membership to be terminated.