Online Member to Member Offers

As a member of Suffolk Chamber you can add special online “Member to Member Offers”. As a Chamber member this enables you to promote your business, save money and gain additional business with no extra marketing costs. This also provides a boost to our local economy - it keeps the Suffolk pound in Suffolk. 

It does not have to be a discount (although that is often the most popular and easily understood option), it can be 'special deal for members - details on application', and be an added value offer leaving your pricing structure unaltered.

The proof of success is in your wording of the offer so that when the phone rings you can identify who the caller is by size of company, degree of interest etc. You can then tailor your deal accordingly.

To see our current member to member offers click here.

Please ensure you include a reference in your offer i.e "Chambermember" so you can track the contacts you receive. To verify whether a business is a member of Suffolk Chamber please go to our Member Directory.

Next Step

To join Suffolk Chamber of course, as only members can participate!

For details of the full membership benefits available please click here or email