Chamber Primary Health Plan

Do you want to reward your workforce but without breaking the bank?  Need to do more to retain your most valuable and talented staff?

The Chamber Primary Health Plan is a simple, low cost employee benefit that can help keep your staff healthy too.

Developed in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce exclusively for members, the Chamber Primary Health Plan is an affordable way to make staff feel valued by helping them to access and pay for their essential healthcare. Offering the ideal solution in instances where it may not have been possible to offer staff the financial rewards they may have previously enjoyed.

Available from just £1.10 per employee, per week, the plan can help you;

  • As part of pay negotiations
  • Present a valuable employee benefit
  • Improve staff motivation, productivity and morale
  • Encourage pro-active employee healthcare
  • Reduce absenteeism and related costs

This easy to use plan gives your employees money back towards their essential healthcare treatments such as:

  • dental treatment
  • sight tests
  • new glasses
  • therapy treatments
  • consultation fees
  • chiropody

In addition, your employees will have access to:

  • MRI
  • CT & PET Scanning Facilities
  • DoctorLine™ 
  • A confidential 24 hour Counselling and Advice Line, with up to 6 face to face counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions
  • Additional For Kids and Surgery Choices cover are available too

Find out the health risks affecting your workforce

You will also have access to an electronic Company Health Report, offering you a better understanding of your workforce's overall health and wellbeing. In an instant you will see the prevailing health risks affecting your workforce, enabling you to take preventative action by targeting those areas of the biggest concern. 

Chamber Primary Health Plan

Make your business better today.  You will receive a Free Personal Health Risk Assessment demonstration when you arrange an appointment. 

Call 0845 602 1629 or email Please ensure you have your Suffolk Chamber membership I.D.