How to write a winning entry

Everyone likes to win awards whether it’s receiving a business or personal award and by entering Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Lowestoft & Waveney Business Awards it will not only be a great way to get you or your business recognised but also it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity.

  • Have you always wanted to enter awards and don’t quite know what to say?

  • Do you lack in the confidence to enter into awards?

  • Do you enter awards and don’t seem to get anywhere?

If the answers to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then take a look below for advice on how to write winning awards entries.


It’s surprising how many businesses we meet that do a fantastic job but are too shy to enter an award as they don’t think they have what it takes to win.

Wrong, if you are a hard working business that prides yourself on excellent customer service doing the best that you can for your customers then it’s well worth a shot.

If you are good at what you do then tell everyone! 


Each year we offer a wide range of categories and each of these has its own criteria. The criteria is set by the sponsors alongside the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Lowestoft & Waveney team for each individual award. The sponsors ask that the guideline criteria is met as this gives an even playing field for all those that enter. It means that each entry can be compared and gives greater competition between entrants.

To write a winning award entry it is important that evidence is given for the criteria of the award that you are entering, this will give you a greater chance of winning! 

Not recognised?

We often hear that businesses have entered numerous categories but do not seem to get recognised. This isn’t because you aren’t great in business, it may just simply be that you have submitted identical but minimum entries to more than one category.

Each category is different! You might be able to use the same written summary as requested on the application form, BUT, make sure you meet the criteria for each category that you enter. The sponsors will be looking for this. 

Quality not Quantity

The application form for this year’s awards asks for a business summary of no more than a 1000 words including why you think you deserve to win a Chamber award in addition to supplying evidence to meet your chosen categories criteria’s.

Now this may sound a little daunting, but it’s actually not. As soon as you start writing about your business you will be surprised just how much you can write.

Any evidence you supply with your application form, whether you supply testimonials, press cuttings, flyers etc must meet the criteria for each individual award that you enter.

It’s very tempting to include every single press cutting and document with your name on but quantity is not necessarily the way to go. With clever thinking you can put together a very good overview of yourself or your business and one that can WIN! 

Go for it!

Entry is easy just follow the four steps!

  • CLICK - on the categories of interest

  • FOLLOW - the Award criteria

  • FILL - the form provided

  • ENTER - the address provided

Please note the closing date for entries is the end of September - good Luck to all entrants!