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Flu and Swine Flu vaccination during this winter season

Patients eligible for a flu jab are being urged to "get vaccinated" following news that ten adults have died from swine flu across the UK during recent weeks.  The Health Protection Agency has confirmed the victims, who died during the past six weeks, were adults under the age of 65.

This has prompted health professionals to urge anyone under 65 who feels that they are at risk, to request a flu jab.

The jab protects against the H1N1 virus – better known as swine flu – in preparation for a second wave of the virus which swept the county during summer of last year, and also 2 other flu virus’ which are in circulation.

As normal the World Health Organisation WHO recommend which viruses go into the flu vaccine. This year it is H1N1 which has mutated and is from California, and two other flu viruses from Australia

We have a very limited stock available here at The Travel Clinics Cambridge and Ipswich

Travelers could also be at risk as they take their Christmas breaks. So a flu vaccine is advisable for all who may be mixing with crowds either at airports or during their visit.  We have a very small stock of Tamiflu left.

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