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Cholera: What You Need To Know - News from The Travel Clinic Ipswich and Cambridge

Cholera:  What You Need To Know - News from The Travel Clinic Ipswich and Cambridge

How is it diagnosed?

Most symptomatic cases are hard to distinguish from other illnesses that cause diarrhoea - it is only in one in 10 that has such severe symptoms such as to be admitted to hospital, indeed it may be thought of as a nasty bout of travellers’ diarrhoea. 

How do I prevent myself catching cholera?

Immunisation against cholera is available. Here at The Travel Clinic Ltd we stock the vaccine Dukoral, which is a course of two doses, taken one week apart. Dukoral is not an injection but a liquid taken by mouth.  

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Who should consider taking Dukoral?

We recommend this to travelers going to at risk areas who may not be able to be able to source well cooked food and/or boiled water.

If I do catch cholera, what treatment is available?

Treatment includes rehydration salts and drinking lots of water.Severely dehydrated patients may need intravenous fluids. Antibiotics can reduce the spread of the illness.

Where are the most recent outbreaks?

In Nepal has commenced emergency measures to combat the cholera outbreakmore than 300 people have lost their lives due to diarrhea and cholera outbreak in remote districts. The diarrhoeal disease thrives in these areas which are often without proper sanitation. While deadly, the disease is easily preventable with clean water and proper sewage.The Nepali government , with the help of WHO.

This month there are also reports of cholera from Zimbabwe, reigniting fears of further deaths. Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and Ethiopia are also reporting high numbers of deaths.

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