Haverhill & District Manifesto

Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District is a local branch of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. As a grassroots organisation, it both contributes to campaigns that benefit the whole of the county’s business community and also seeks to deliver improvements that are specific to our area.

Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District:

  • Directly delivering services and support to our local business community including through networking events and discount members benefits

  • Influencing others to help deliver improvements in infrastructure, processes and information flows

Our Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District manifesto reflects both the present views and needs of our local business community and our vision as to what it can be and can contribute in terms of growth in the future.

We have identified the local issues that need addressing up to 2020 and have themed them within Suffolk Chamber of Commerce’s overall manifesto headings:

  • Reducing regulations

  • Improving access to all markets

  • Giving business the tools to do the job

Please click here for the Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District manifesto.