Haverhill & District Manifesto

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Haverhill & District is an active component of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, which in turn is an accredited member of the national and worldwide network of Chambers of Commerce, with offices in Westminster and Brussels.

As the business voice of Haverhill and together with Suffolk Chamber’s more extensive services and resources, Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District is equipped to react and respond to issues of a local, regional, national or international nature.

Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District will continue to lobby government to improve the overall business environment, particularly with respect to tackling the volume of regulations coming from Westminster and Brussels, as well as to invest more in infrastructure.

Our manifesto for economic growth, jobs and prosperity

As an organisation that has influenced important changes in the area over many years, it is vital that we continue to provide relevance in today’s business environment. To meet these needs, we will focus on five primary action points:

  • Making the Town more Accessible to Business

  • Improving Communications and Utilities

  • Supporting Young People & Growing the Workforce

  • Securing Town Centre Development

  • Supporting Local Procurement

The Manifesto for Action can be downloaded here.