Suffolk Chamber International Events

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce believes that exporting and importing will help your business grow. As a Chamber we put on many international trade events as we believe in helping businesses reach their export potential.

Doing business overseas is a different experience for every company. There are real opportunities to trade internationally regardless of whether you have a product or service to export or import directly, or via an online platform.

Suffolk Chamber recognises the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists in the county and how valuable peer to peer networking can be to our members. We also appreciate the importance of businesses having access to up to date, appropriate and accredited training for their staff.

Suffolk Chamber is therefore proud to provide export networking events to ensure that participants can remain up to date and benefit from the wealth of knowledge available to them. We would urge you to join in and as well as learning something new you may also be able to benefit another member by sharing your experiences with them.

We offer a variety of events including networking seminars on relevant themes which are open for all to attend and smaller more specific meetings which are by invitation only. We hope to see you at an event soon.

As well as opening access to new sources of revenue, trading internationally will allow you to spread risk across a wider range of customers. It means you can extend the market for specific products and ensure that you are aware of international competition. Exporting and importing could also be a catalyst for innovation, and can help you to gain and retain a competitive advantage in the UK as well.

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